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Host Experts offers several service solutions for personal, small, and large business. Our dedicated staff of expert programmers and network technicians can provide you with quality solutions for a wide range of needs. The following is a brief list of scripting langauages and databases Host Experts has to offer.

MS SQL Sever Site SQL Server 2017
A very powerful database solution for web development and PC apps.

mSQL Site Mini SQL
Mini SQL provides rapid access to large databases using complex operations.

Perl Site Perl 5.3
One of many interpreted programming languages used to make dynamic web pages.

Java Site Java VM
With Java technology, you can use the same application from any kind of machine to build internet apps and much more.

Microsoft Developer Tools ASP.NET
Programmable Web Pages that mix HTML, ODBC Database Reading and Writing. Uses advance Microsoft technology to make creating web pages simple.

PHP 5.0.2
This is a HTML-embedded scripting language. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly.

mySQL mySQL Database
A speedy and robust database for making dynamic web sites on the internet.

Microsoft Frontpage
Manage your whole website with our FrontPage extentions.

Thawte SSL Thawte SSL
Here at Host Experts we use Thawte's SSL so that you may enable transactions to be encrypted on your web site.

Cybercash Partner
This alliance with Cybercash gives you the ability to make real-time credit transactions.

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